More and more families are choosing to rent instead of buy. While it’s true that your children might not have a huge backyard to play in, there are several advantages to apartment living as a family. 

1. Your kids will understand diversity. 

Apartment buildings contain a variety of residents. You might share an entryway with several other families, their delivery people, and anyone providing them with an in-home service. Your children will learn to share space with others, and even open the door for them. As a result, your children will grow into socialized, tolerant adults that know how to comfortably interact with a diverse population.

2. Friends and babysitters are just around the corner. 

Rather than commuting to a playdate, your child’s best friend might only live a couple floors away. How convenient is that? Multifamily living encourages children to socialize with others. Some apartments even include playgrounds, pools, and basketball courts. In addition to having other children nearby, you might find a trustworthy neighbor who is willing to babysit every now and then. 

3. You’ll be inclined to leave the house.

Families that live in apartments often make it a point to leave their home during the day. If they don’t, they start to feel cramped and crowded. You might see this as an inconvenient negative, but it’s not! Leaving the house and heading to the park or a community center will allow your children more opportunities to socialize. It also allows you, as the parent, to interact with other parents. You never know…friendships could bloom!

4. You don’t have to worry about home maintenance. 

Most renters don’t have to worry about broken appliances or mowing the lawn. This is a huge perk of renting. It’s your landlord’s responsibility to take care of maintenance and repairs. This is extremely convenient for families who prefer to spend their limited time together playing, doing fun activities, and being present. Instead of fixing water damage in the ceiling, you can focus on family.

5. You’ll feel more secure.

Even if your apartment doesn’t have an alarm system, there’s safety in numbers. In an apartment complex, you have dozens of neighbors who could potentially help in an emergency. The familiar face next door might call 911 if they smell smoke coming from your unit. And that peace of mind is truly invaluable.