Your kitchen is probably the most used room in your home. It’s often where you eat, hang out, do homework, host gatherings, and more. Because of this, you might begin to see some wear and tear over time. Here are five signs that you need a kitchen upgrade. 

1. Outdated appliances
Maybe they were already installed when you moved in, and you didn’t want to spend the money to replace them, or maybe you’ve owned them for decades. Either way, outdated appliances just aren’t attractive or energy efficient. When you decide to upgrade, consult an electrician to make sure everything is wired safely and up to code.

2. Severe damage
If there’s damage to your kitchen beyond normal wear and tear, you need to address it. Water damage, peeling and chipped countertops, and unstable flooring are all prime problems for repair.

3. Lack of counter space
If your counters are completely covered with odds and ends, you need an upgrade. Your counters should usually be clutter-free, and everything should have a particular place in your kitchen. Adding counter space doesn’t mean a complete renovation. It might be as simple as purchasing a floating island or utility cart to maximize your space. 

4. You can’t locate anything
Is food prep enjoyable for you, or do you find yourself searching relentlessly for utensils, appliances, and ingredients? It’s hard to find items in a disorganized kitchen, and this can discourage you from cooking meals. A fresh design and method of organization can get you back to eating in your own home again and actually enjoying the process. 

5. Your house won’t sell
It might seem strange to spend money on a kitchen remodel while you’re trying to save for a new home, but it’s an investment that will likely pay for itself. Home shoppers typically prioritize the kitchen. So, if you’ve had trouble getting your home off the market, an outdated kitchen could be the reason.