Just because you live in a house doesn’t necessarily mean it feels like home. Personalization is so important. That’s what makes your space feel cozy and comfortable, right? If you haven’t done anything to customize the feel of your home, it’s time to start. Here are five ways to make your house, condo, or rental property feel like home. 

1. Select a style or a theme.
What colors do you like? What designs do you like? Your personal interests and aesthetic should contribute heavily to the decor of your home. Do you like eclectic art? Thrifted antiques? Find your style by exploring home magazines, other peoples’ homes, and examining your wardrobe and the other ways you express yourself. 

2. Incorporate gifts.
If you have no idea where to go from ground zero, add items with meaning. Do you have treasured gifts from your parents and your friends? If so, put them on display. Items that tell a story, especially about your loved ones, are invaluable.

3. Remember your travels.

This ties perfectly into items with meaning. Do you have magnets, flea market finds, or photographs from your travels? Use these in your decor. If you enjoy a traveling theme, make it a point to search for unique items when you’re visiting a foreign place.

4. DIY!
You don’t have to be super skilled and crafty to make something that will bring a strong sense of self into your space. Memories are often attached to things you’ve personally created, and that’s what matters. If you’re into woodworking, try making a coffee table. If you like creating floral arrangements, design a new bouquet for your vase twice a month. These things will make your space feel cozy and personalized. 

5. Embrace change.

Your home will inevitably change, just like your life. Your tastes and preferences change, your job might change, and the size of your family might even change. The most important thing to remember is, material items come and go, but memories are forever.